150+ Complain Humor : Jokes, Puns, Pickup-lines, Captions…


150+ Complain Humor : Jokes, Puns, Pickup-lines, Captions…

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Complain Funny Best Jokes

  1. Why did the tomato file a complaint? Because it couldn’t ketchup with the rest of the vegetables!
  2. Why did the math book complain? Because it had too many problems!
  3. Why did the bicycle complain? Because it was tired of getting tyred!
  4. Why did the skeleton complain? Because it had a bone to pick!
  5. Why did the music teacher complain? Because the notes were always out of tune!
  6. Why did the smartphone complain? Because it had too many apps-solutely terrible experiences!
  7. Why did the tree complain? Because it was tired of being barked at!
  8. Why did the coffee complain? Because it was mugged!
  9. Why did the calendar complain? Because it felt days were numbered!
  10. Why did the alarm clock complain? Because it had too many wake-up calls!
  11. Why did the banana complain? Because it was fed up with being peeled!
  12. Why did the candle complain? Because it felt burned out!
  13. Why did the shoe complain? Because it had too many sole-destroying experiences!
  14. Why did the lightbulb complain? Because it was always getting turned off!
  15. Why did the book complain? Because it couldn’t handle all the spine-tingling experiences!
  16. Why did the camera complain? Because it couldn’t focus on anything!
  17. Why did the dog complain? Because it was tired of being hounded!
  18. Why did the door complain? Because it was tired of being slammed!
  19. Why did the milk carton complain? Because it felt like it was being poured out!
  20. Why did the pen complain? Because it felt like it was always getting scribbled on!

Complain Puns Jokes

  1. This service is like a broken pencil, it’s pointless!
  2. Waiting here is like watching paint dry, except the paint is faster.
  3. This place is colder than a polar bear’s toenails!
  4. Trying to get assistance here is like trying to catch a cloud, impossible!
  5. My patience is wearing thinner than a credit card on Black Friday!
  6. The Wi-Fi here is slower than a snail on tranquilizers!
  7. Dealing with this company is like herding cats, chaos!
  8. This restaurant’s food is so bland, it makes tofu seem spicy!
  9. Waiting for a response feels longer than a Monday after vacation!
  10. Getting through to customer service is like finding a needle in a haystack!
  11. This hotel room is smaller than my optimism after a Monday morning meeting!
  12. Trying to get a refund here is like trying to squeeze water from a stone!
  13. This place is louder than a herd of elephants tap-dancing!
  14. Waiting in line here is like waiting for snow in the Sahara!
  15. The customer service here is colder than a snowman’s heart!
  16. This product is more disappointing than getting socks for Christmas!
  17. Trying to find help here is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!
  18. This place is more crowded than a clown car on roller skates!
  19. My experience here is more confusing than a crossword puzzle in a foreign language!
  20. Dealing with this company is like navigating a maze blindfolded!

Complain Pickup Lines Jokes

  1. Are you a customer service rep? Because I’ve been waiting for your attention longer than a sloth takes to cross the road.
  2. Is your name Wi-Fi? Because trying to connect with you feels like waiting for dial-up internet in the ’90s—frustratingly slow.
  3. Are you a complaint hotline? Because talking to you is like being put on hold forever—endless and painful.
  4. Do you work for tech support? Because trying to figure you out is giving me a headache worse than a computer virus.
  5. Are you a long line at the grocery store? Because waiting for you feels like an eternity, and I’m not even sure it’s worth it.
  6. Is your heart a customer service department? Because it seems closed for maintenance every time I try to get through to you.
  7. Are you a faulty product? Because every time I try to engage with you, something goes wrong.
  8. Is your love life like a lost package? Because I’ve been searching for it everywhere, and it seems to be stuck in transit.
  9. Are you a broken vending machine? Because every time I try to get something from you, I end up disappointed.
  10. Is your affection like a spam email? Because it’s unwanted, annoying, and I can’t seem to unsubscribe.
  11. Are you customer service on a bad day? Because interacting with you feels like dealing with a grumpy cat—lots of hissing and scratching.
  12. Is your love like a faulty product? Because it comes with a lot of defects and no warranty.
  13. Are you a busy signal? Because every time I try to reach out to you, all I get is frustration and disappointment.
  14. Is your communication style like a broken phone? Because every time I try to talk to you, it’s full of static and misunderstandings.
  15. Are you a tangled earphone cord? Because trying to get close to you is just a mess.
  16. Is your affection like a software update? Because every time I think I’ve got it, you change and leave me feeling outdated.
  17. Are you a slow-loading webpage? Because waiting for your response is testing my patience more than a buffering video.
  18. Are you a confusing instruction manual? Because trying to understand you is giving me a headache.
  19. Is your love like a subscription service? Because I feel like I’m paying a lot for something I’m not getting much out of.
  20. Are you a broken elevator? Because every time I try to get closer to you, it’s just one disappointment after another.

Complain Charade Jokes

  1. Charade: (Act out tapping foot impatiently) – Answer: Waiting in line.
  2. Charade: (Pretend to talk on the phone, then make a frustrated gesture) – Answer: Dealing with customer service.
  3. Charade: (Pantomime typing on a keyboard rapidly, then shake head in frustration) – Answer: Slow internet connection.
  4. Charade: (Act out shivering and wrapping arms around self) – Answer: Cold food at a restaurant.
  5. Charade: (Pretend to look around anxiously) – Answer: Lost luggage at the airport.
  6. Charade: (Act out squinting and holding hand to ear) – Answer: Can’t hear properly on a phone call.
  7. Charade: (Pantomime holding nose and waving hand in front of face) – Answer: Bad smell in a room.
  8. Charade: (Pretend to search frantically through pockets or purse) – Answer: Misplaced keys.
  9. Charade: (Act out pulling hair in frustration) – Answer: Traffic jam.
  10. Charade: (Pantomime holding up hands in confusion) – Answer: Getting lost in a new city.
  11. Charade: (Pretend to juggle multiple objects, then drop them all) – Answer: Feeling overwhelmed with tasks.
  12. Charade: (Pantomime looking at watch repeatedly) – Answer: Waiting for someone who’s late.
  13. Charade: (Act out stomping feet and crossing arms) – Answer: Toddler having a tantrum.
  14. Charade: (Pretend to wipe brow and fan self) – Answer: Hot temperature in a room.
  15. Charade: (Act out rubbing eyes and yawning) – Answer: Feeling tired due to loud neighbors.
  16. Charade: (Pantomime holding up hands in confusion) – Answer: Computer crashing and losing work.
  17. Charade: (Act out repeatedly pressing elevator button with no response) – Answer: Broken elevator.
  18. Charade: (Pretend to dig through a messy pile) – Answer: Searching for a misplaced document.
  19. Charade: (Act out fanning self and breathing heavily) – Answer: Broken air conditioner on a hot day.
  20. Charade: (Pantomime shrugging shoulders with a puzzled look) – Answer: Unclear instructions.

Complain OneLiners Jokes

  1. This line moves slower than a sloth on a coffee break.
  2. My luck is like a broken mirror—shattered into a million pieces.
  3. Life’s more complicated than a Rubik’s cube on a rollercoaster.
  4. This weather is moodier than a hormonal teenager.
  5. My schedule’s tighter than a pair of skinny jeans after Thanksgiving dinner.
  6. Relationship status: single as a dollar bill in a wishing well.
  7. My inbox is fuller than a clown car at a circus.
  8. My wallet’s emptier than a politician’s promises.
  9. Today’s traffic is worse than a Monday morning meeting.
  10. This meeting is longer than a CVS receipt.
  11. My phone battery drains faster than water in a sieve.
  12. My patience is thinner than paper after a printer jam.
  13. My to-do list is longer than a CVS receipt.
  14. My Wi-Fi signal’s weaker than a house of cards in a tornado.
  15. My alarm clock is more relentless than a telemarketer on repeat.
  16. My mood’s darker than a black hole on a moonless night.
  17. My luck’s like a broken pencil—pointless.
  18. My energy’s lower than a limbo champion’s expectations.
  19. My laundry pile’s taller than a giraffe on stilts.
  20. My search history’s stranger than fiction.

Complain Quotes Jokes

  1. “Life is like customer service: you wait and wait, only to end up disappointed.”
  2. “Love is like a faulty product—always breaking and never worth the price.”
  3. “Patience is a virtue until you’re put on hold for an eternity.”
  4. “Mondays are nature’s way of reminding us that not all complaints are heard.”
  5. “Relationships are like tangled earphones—frustrating, confusing, and always in knots.”
  6. “Expectations are like balloons; they inflate with hope but often burst with disappointment.”
  7. “Trust is like a mirror; once shattered, it’s impossible to piece back together.”
  8. “Waiting for change is like waiting for paint to dry—tedious and never-ending.”
  9. “Optimism is the belief that tomorrow will be better, despite today’s disappointments.”
  10. “Regrets are the echoes of past complaints, haunting us in the present.”
  11. “Complaining is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.”
  12. “The road to success is paved with potholes of complaints.”
  13. “Life’s disappointments are like raindrops; sometimes they sprinkle, other times they pour.”
  14. “Frustration is the fertilizer for complaints, nurturing them until they grow out of control.”
  15. “Resentment is a poison we drink, hoping the other person will die.”
  16. “Complaining is easy; finding solutions requires effort.”
  17. “Complaints are the weeds in the garden of life, choking out joy and happiness.”
  18. “The art of complaining is mastered by those who see obstacles as stepping stones.”
  19. “Happiness is the absence of complaints, not the fulfillment of desires.”
  20. “In the symphony of life, complaints are the sour notes that disrupt the melody.”

Complain Captions Jokes

  1. “Stuck in traffic, might as well set up camp.”
  2. “Customer service: where patience goes to die.”
  3. “Another day, another WiFi dropout.”
  4. “When life gives you lemons, it probably forgot the sugar too.”
  5. “Lost in a sea of paperwork and deadlines.”
  6. “Current mood: trying to untangle earphones.”
  7. “Just another Monday in the hamster wheel of life.”
  8. “If I had a dollar for every time I had to repeat myself…”
  9. “Note to self: avoid Mondays at all costs.”
  10. “This queue is longer than my list of regrets.”
  11. “Life update: still searching for the ‘off’ switch.”
  12. “Today’s forecast: scattered complaints with a chance of sarcasm.”
  13. “Sometimes I wonder if ‘patience’ is just a myth.”
  14. “Running on caffeine and sheer willpower.”
  15. “Life’s playlist: one long track of elevator music.”
  16. “Feeling like a glitch in the matrix.”
  17. “Currently experiencing technical difficulties with reality.”
  18. “Lost in a maze of endless to-do lists.”
  19. “Searching for motivation: last seen months ago.”
  20. “Plot twist: life forgot to include the instruction manual.”

Complain Puzzles & Riddles Jokes

  1. Puzzle: I ordered a pizza, but when it arrived, it was frozen solid. What’s going on?

    Answer: The delivery person took a wrong turn and ended up in Antarctica!
  2. Puzzle: My new shoes came with instructions in a language I can’t read. How am I supposed to wear them?

    Answer: The shoes are actually a high-tech gadget, and the instructions are in a secret spy code!
  3. Puzzle: I bought a puzzle, but there’s a missing piece! How can I complete it?

    Answer: The missing piece is hidden in another dimension accessible only by solving the puzzle!
  4. Puzzle: I bought a plant, but it keeps wilting no matter what I do. What’s wrong with it?

    Answer: The plant is actually an alien species that requires moonlight to thrive!
  5. Puzzle: I bought a book, but all the pages are blank. How am I supposed to read it?

    Answer: The book contains invisible ink text that can only be revealed under a blacklight!
  6. Puzzle: I subscribed to a streaming service, but all the shows are in a language I don’t understand. How can I enjoy them?

    Answer: The streaming service accidentally tapped into transmissions from an alien civilization!
  7. Puzzle: I bought a set of kitchen knives, but they’re all made of rubber. How can I use them to cook?

    Answer: The rubber knives are part of a cooking challenge where you have to find creative ways to prepare food!
  8. Puzzle: I ordered a telescope, but it’s so tiny I can barely see anything. How can I explore the stars?

    Answer: The telescope is actually a prototype for a new nanotechnology-based exploration device!
  9. Puzzle: I bought a board game, but the rules are written in gibberish. How can I play it?

    Answer: The board game is designed to be deciphered through solving puzzles within the game itself!
  10. Puzzle: I bought a bicycle, but it only has one wheel. How am I supposed to ride it?

    Answer: The bicycle is a futuristic unicycle designed for extreme balance training!
  11. Puzzle: I ordered a computer, but it’s missing the keyboard and mouse. How can I use it?

    Answer: The computer utilizes advanced voice and gesture recognition technology!
  12. Puzzle: I bought a set of paints, but they’re all black and white. How can I create colorful art?

    Answer: The paints are enchanted; they change color depending on the artist’s mood!
  13. Puzzle: I ordered a jigsaw puzzle, but all the pieces are the same shape. How can I assemble it?

    Answer: The jigsaw puzzle is a 3D holographic projection that requires solving spatial reasoning puzzles!
  14. Puzzle: I bought a clock, but it’s running backward. How can I tell the time?

    Answer: The clock is a time-travel experiment gone awry; it tells time in reverse!
  15. Puzzle: I ordered a model airplane, but it’s the size of an actual airplane. How can I display it in my room?

    Answer: The model airplane is actually a miniaturization prototype gone wrong!
  16. Puzzle: I bought a pack of seeds, but they’re all square-shaped. How can I plant them?

    Answer: The square seeds are genetically modified for rapid growth and high yield!
  17. Puzzle: I ordered a set of headphones, but they’re completely silent. How can I listen to music?

    Answer: The headphones are actually experimental neural interface devices that transmit music directly to your brain!
  18. Puzzle: I bought a map, but all the landmarks are labeled with riddles instead of names. How can I navigate?

    Answer: The map is a treasure hunt guide, leading to hidden wonders!
  19. Puzzle: I ordered a tent, but it’s transparent. How can I camp in it?

    Answer: The transparent tent is a state-of-the-art camouflage technology experiment!
  20. Puzzle: I bought a set of candles, but they keep relighting after I blow them out. How can I extinguish them?

    Answer: The candles are enchanted; only solving a mystical puzzle can truly extinguish them!
  1. I’m always there when you don’t need me, but disappear when you do. What am I? [Answer: Bad luck]
  2. I’m like a broken clock, right twice a day, but wrong when it counts. What am I? [Answer: Inefficiency]
  3. I’m like a tangled headphone cord—frustrating to deal with and never seem to straighten out. What am I? [Answer: Complicated relationships]
  4. I’m like a leaky faucet, dripping with annoyance and wasting your time. What am I? [Answer: Procrastination]
  5. I’m like a lost sock in the laundry—always disappearing when you need me the most. What am I? [Answer: Forgetfulness]
  6. I’m like a broken record, repeating the same mistakes over and over. What am I? [Answer: Stubbornness]
  7. I’m like a knot in a shoelace—hard to untangle and always causing frustration. What am I? [Answer: Problems]
  8. I’m like a missed bus, leaving you waiting and frustrated. What am I? [Answer: Lateness]
  9. I’m like a riddle with no answer—confusing and unsolvable. What am I? [Answer: Uncertainty]
  10. I’m like a rainy day during a picnic—putting a damper on your plans. What am I? [Answer: Disappointment]
  11. I’m like a glitch in a video game—causing chaos and annoyance. What am I? [Answer: Obstacles]
  12. I’m like a sneeze you can’t quite catch—irritating and elusive. What am I? [Answer: Frustration]
  13. I’m like a broken pencil, pointless and unable to get the job done. What am I? [Answer: Ineffectiveness]
  14. I’m like a crossword puzzle with missing clues—frustratingly incomplete. What am I? [Answer: Confusion]
  15. I’m like a flat tire on a road trip—slowing you down and ruining the journey. What am I? [Answer: Setbacks]
  16. I’m like a burnt toast in the morning—ruining your breakfast and setting a bad tone for the day. What am I? [Answer: Mishaps]
  17. I’m like a dead end on a map—blocking your progress and leading you nowhere. What am I? [Answer: Deadlock]
  18. I’m like a scratch on a new car—unsightly and frustrating. What am I? [Answer: Imperfection]
  19. I’m like a missed opportunity—leaving you wondering what could have been. What am I? [Answer: Regret]
  20. I’m like a tangled web of lies—difficult to unravel and causing distrust. What am I? [Answer: Deception]

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