150+ Fallout Humor : Jokes, Puns, Pickup-lines, Captions…


150+ Fallout Humor : Jokes, Puns, Pickup-lines, Captions…

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Fallout Funny Best Jokes

  1. Why did the super mutant break up with his girlfriend? Because she said he was too irradiating.
  2. What do you call a ghoul who’s also a comedian? A stand-UP ghoul!
  3. Why don’t raiders ever play hide and seek? Because good luck hiding when you’re always yelling, “Time to die!”
  4. Why did the Vault Dweller bring a ladder into the vault? Because he heard the overseer was looking for high-level thinkers.
  5. How does a Deathclaw write love letters? With a lot of claws and tenderness.
  6. Why did the Brotherhood of Steel member go to therapy? Because he had too much “power armor-ment” on his mind.
  7. What’s a ghoul’s favorite type of music? Radi-oactive rock!
  8. Why did the settler bring a shovel to the bar? Because he heard they had a dirt cheap happy hour!
  9. Why don’t ghouls ever get lost? Because they always have a “glowing” sense of direction!
  10. Why don’t synths ever go to concerts? Because they always have trouble blending in with the crowd.
  11. What do you call a brahmin with three legs? Tri-pod!
  12. Why did the radroach go to school? To improve its reading and radiation skills!
  13. What do you get when you cross a Protectron with a Mr. Handy? A robot that’s always ready to lend a hand… and then immediately take it back!
  14. Why did the Sole Survivor open a bakery in Diamond City? Because they wanted to make some serious dough!
  15. Why did the Nuka-Cola machine stop working? Because it had too many bottle caps jammed inside!
  16. What’s a super mutant’s favorite snack? Ghoul Scout Cookies!
  17. Why did the Deathclaw become a lawyer? Because it had a killer instinct for arguing!
  18. What do you call a radstag with glasses? A “dear” reader!
  19. Why did the Vault-Tec representative go to therapy? Because they had vault of their emotions!
  20. Why don’t ghouls ever play cards? Because they’re always afraid of getting a bad hand!

Fallout Puns Jokes

  1. Why did the Ghoul go to the doctor? Because he was feeling a bit “rad”!
  2. What did the Super Mutant say when he won the lottery? “Jackpot!”
  3. Why did the Deathclaw bring a suitcase to the party? Because he heard it was going to be a “claw-some” time!
  4. What’s a Radroach’s favorite genre of music? Roach ‘n’ Roll!
  5. Why did the Vault Dweller start a band? Because he wanted to make some “caps” on the side!
  6. What’s a Brotherhood of Steel member’s favorite sport? Power Armor Wrestling!
  7. Why did the Nuka-Cola bottle break up with the Quantum bottle? Because it said it was too “energizing”!
  8. What did the settler say when he found out he was out of ammo? “Looks like I’m in a bit of a sticky situation!”
  9. Why did the Protectron go to school? To upgrade its “processors”!
  10. What’s a synth’s favorite part of a joke? The “punchline”!
  11. Why did the radstag become a doctor? Because it had a lot of “deer” friends!
  12. What did the Mr. Handy say when it was feeling unwell? “I think I’ve got a case of the rusties!”
  13. Why did the Brahmin refuse to move? Because it was feeling a bit “steak”-y!
  14. What’s a Deathclaw’s favorite holiday? “Claw”-sgiving!
  15. Why did the Pip-Boy go to therapy? Because it had too much “vaulted” emotion!
  16. What’s a ghoul’s favorite kind of sandwich? “Toasted”!
  17. Why did the Sole Survivor become a chef? Because he wanted to “cook” up some trouble!
  18. What’s a Super Mutant’s favorite game? “Tag”, because they love to “catch”!
  19. Why did the Radroach go to school? To brush up on its “roach-matics”!
  20. What did the Nuka-Cola say to the Quantum? “You’re so blue, but you make me feel so fizzy inside!”

Fallout Pickup Lines Jokes

  1. Are you a radroach? Because you’ve got me crawling towards you!
  2. Is your name Liberty Prime? Because every time I see you, my heart shouts, “Communism detected. Engaging tactical flirtation!”
  3. Are you a fusion core? Because you’re the power source to my heart.
  4. Are you a Vault-Tec experiment? Because I feel like I hit the jackpot when I found you!
  5. Are you a stealth boy? Because you’ve been hiding in my thoughts all day.
  6. Are you a stimpack? Because you make everything feel better.
  7. Is your name Hancock? Because I’m head over heels for you!
  8. Are you a bobblehead? Because you make me want to raise my SPECIAL stats!
  9. Are you a Nuka-Cola? Because you’re giving me a serious sugar rush!
  10. Are you a plasma rifle? Because you’re shooting straight into my heart.
  11. Are you a radaway? Because you’re cleansing my soul of all its radiation.
  12. Are you a Yao Guai? Because whenever I see you, my heart skips a beat!
  13. Are you a Pip-Boy? Because I want you on my wrist at all times.
  14. Are you a Deathclaw? Because even though you’re dangerous, I can’t resist getting close to you.
  15. Are you a synth? Because you feel so real, yet so extraordinary.
  16. Are you a Brahmin? Because I can’t help but feel drawn to you like a caravan.
  17. Are you a legendary weapon? Because you’re one of a kind and I want you by my side.
  18. Are you a C.A.M.P.? Because I’d love to build a future with you.
  19. Are you a Vault door? Because I’m eager to explore what’s behind you.
  20. Are you a Fat Man? Because you’ve got the power to launch me into orbit with just one glance.

Fallout Charade Jokes

  1. Charade: *Act out wearing bulky armor and holding a pretend rifle, then pretend to drink from a bottle.* Answer: Power Armor
  2. Charade: *Pretend to be mutating and growing extra limbs.* Answer: Super Mutant
  3. Charade: *Pretend to be hiding in the shadows and sneaking around.* Answer: Stealth Boy
  4. Charade: *Pretend to inject something into your arm and then dramatically act healthier.* Answer: Stimpack
  5. Charade: *Crouch down low and act like you’re scanning the area.* Answer: Surveillance Camera
  6. Charade: *Strap an imaginary suit onto your body and pretend to walk heavily.* Answer: Power Armor
  7. Charade: *Make robotic movements with your arms and legs, pretending to be a robot.* Answer: Protectron
  8. Charade: *Pretend to hold a glowing object and act like it’s dangerous to touch.* Answer: Radioactive Waste
  9. Charade: *Act like you’re clawing and roaring aggressively.* Answer: Deathclaw
  10. Charade: *Hold your hands together, pretending to stack bottle caps.* Answer: Bottle Caps
  11. Charade: *Hold your hands in front of your eyes and peek out from behind them.* Answer: Stealth Boy
  12. Charade: *Pretend to read a book and then look up, shaking your head in confusion.* Answer: Pre-War Book
  13. Charade: *Pretend to power up and then release a powerful imaginary blast.* Answer: Fusion Core
  14. Charade: *Act like you’re sneaking up on someone, making stealthy movements.* Answer: Stealth Boy
  15. Charade: *Pretend to fly around with imaginary wings.* Answer: Mutated Flora
  16. Charade: *Wrap your arms around yourself and shiver dramatically.* Answer: Snow-Covered Ruins
  17. Charade: *Act like you’re lifting something heavy and struggling.* Answer: Power Armor
  18. Charade: *Hold out your hands and pretend to exchange an imaginary item for another.* Answer: Barter
  19. Charade: *Pretend to fight off invisible enemies with karate moves.* Answer: Raider
  20. Charade: *Act like you’re cooking over a fire and then pretending to eat.* Answer: Campfire

Fallout OneLiners Jokes

  1. Why did the Super Mutant bring a ladder to the bar? He heard the drinks were “super high”!
  2. Why did the Deathclaw start a band? Because it had killer vocals!
  3. Why did the Brotherhood of Steel member go to the gym? To get that “steel” body!
  4. Why did the Ghoul open a bakery? Because he wanted to make some “deadly” pastries!
  5. Why did the settler become a gardener? Because he wanted to “cultivate” a better wasteland!
  6. Why did the Nuka-Cola bottle break up with the Quantum bottle? It said they were too “different”!
  7. Why did the Protectron go to school? To get a “degree” in law enforcement!
  8. Why did the Sole Survivor become a comedian? Because he had some “killer” jokes from the wasteland!
  9. Why did the radroach go to school? To become “roach-scholar”!
  10. Why did the synth go to therapy? It had an “identity crisis”!
  11. Why did the Brahmin start a fashion line? It wanted to be “udderly” stylish!
  12. Why did the Raider go to therapy? To deal with his “raiding” thoughts!
  13. Why did the Vault Dweller bring a suitcase into the vault? To pack in some “vault-tastic” memories!
  14. Why did the Ghoul refuse to play cards? Because he was afraid of a “dead hand”!
  15. Why did the Deathclaw go to the beach? To work on its “killer tan”!
  16. Why did the Super Mutant become a teacher? To “educate” the wasteland!
  17. Why did the Sole Survivor open a restaurant? To serve up some “wasteland delicacies”!
  18. Why did the Protectron become a therapist? To offer “mechanical” support!
  19. Why did the settler bring a shovel to the bar? He heard they had a “dirt cheap” happy hour!
  20. Why did the Radstag become a musician? It wanted to play some “antler-taining” tunes!

Fallout Quotes Jokes

  1. “In the wasteland, even the shadows have shadows.”
  2. “War never changes, but sometimes, neither does the wasteland.”
  3. “In a world of mutants and monsters, being human is the real challenge.”
  4. “Caps may be currency, but trust is the real treasure of the wasteland.”
  5. “In the wasteland, every sunrise brings both hope and uncertainty.”
  6. “In a land of ruins, even the smallest act of kindness can be a beacon of light.”
  7. “In the wasteland, the only law that matters is survival.”
  8. “In a world where radiation reigns, sometimes the bravest act is to hope.”
  9. “In the wasteland, scars are just reminders of battles survived.”
  10. “In a world stripped bare, humanity finds itself at its most raw and real.”
  11. “In the wasteland, every step forward is a victory against the odds.”
  12. “In a land where legends roam, sometimes the greatest hero is the one you least expect.”
  13. “In the wasteland, every choice echoes like a gunshot in the silence.”
  14. “In a world of mutants and mayhem, sometimes the greatest weapon is a kind heart.”
  15. “In the wasteland, the line between friend and foe is as thin as razor wire.”
  16. “In a world of ruins, hope is the seed from which tomorrow grows.”
  17. “In the wasteland, every sunrise is a promise of new beginnings.”
  18. “In a land of monsters, it’s the human spirit that truly shines.”
  19. “In the wasteland, survival is not just a game, it’s the only rule.”
  20. “In a world where everything is broken, sometimes the greatest strength is the will to rebuild.”

Fallout Captions Jokes

  1. “In the wasteland, even the rusted remnants tell tales of a forgotten world.”
  2. “Amidst the ruins, hope still flickers like a lone candle in the darkness.”
  3. “In a land where chaos reigns, only the brave dare to dream of a better tomorrow.”
  4. “Lost in the wasteland, yet finding beauty in the desolation.”
  5. “Amongst the rubble, echoes of the past whisper secrets of what once was.”
  6. “In the shadow of ruins, the resilient rise like phoenixes from the ashes.”
  7. “In a world stripped bare, humanity’s spirit shines brightest.”
  8. “Scavenging for scraps, yet still finding reasons to smile in the wasteland.”
  9. “In a land where danger lurks at every turn, courage becomes our compass.”
  10. “In the wasteland, every step forward is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience.”
  11. “Beneath the dust and decay, hope remains eternally resilient.”
  12. “In a world where the old ways crumble, the seeds of a new beginning take root.”
  13. “Lost but not forgotten, the wasteland holds memories of a world long gone.”
  14. “In a realm of chaos, even the smallest act of kindness becomes a beacon of light.”
  15. “In the wasteland’s silence, the echoes of the past reverberate like distant thunder.”
  16. “Amongst the wreckage, fragments of hope gleam like diamonds in the rough.”
  17. “In a world where survival is the only law, compassion becomes our currency.”
  18. “In the wasteland’s embrace, even the broken find strength to carry on.”
  19. “Amidst the ruins, the human spirit refuses to be extinguished.”
  20. “In the wasteland’s vast expanse, every footstep is a testament to our resilience.”

Fallout Puzzles & Riddles Jokes

  1. A terminal with a corrupted interface displays a series of scrambled words. Unscramble them to reveal the password: “RADCOW” (Answer: COWARD)
  2. In a room filled with radiation barrels, each barrel has a symbol on it. Decipher the symbols to find the combination to the locked door: “☢️+⚛️= ” (Answer: NUCLEAR + ATOM = LOCK)
  3. Solve the mathematical equation left behind on a chalkboard to unlock a hidden compartment: “2x + 5 = 17” (Answer: x = 6)
  4. Find and arrange scattered chess pieces on a board to match a specific winning game state: “Checkmate in 3 moves” (Answer: Arrange pieces accordingly)
  5. Decode a series of Morse code messages painted on the walls to reveal the access code: “…. . .-.. .-.. —” (Answer: HELLO)
  6. Navigate through a maze of malfunctioning robots, repairing each one’s circuits to progress to the next stage.
  7. Complete a chemical reaction by mixing different colored liquids in beakers to unlock a hidden door.
  8. Crack a safe by deciphering a musical score, playing the correct notes on a piano located nearby.
  9. Arrange a sequence of colored lights to match a specific pattern, unlocking a vault door.
  10. Solve a series of riddles written on ancient scrolls to uncover the location of a hidden treasure.
  11. Piece together torn fragments of a torn-up diary page to reveal a crucial password.
  12. Use a Geiger counter to detect radioactive hotspots and navigate through a hazardous environment.
  13. Play a game of “Simon Says” with a malfunctioning robot to access restricted areas.
  14. Crack a code by deciphering a sequence of binary numbers engraved on metal plates.
  15. Align mirrors in a sunlit room to redirect beams of light onto specific targets, triggering mechanisms to unlock doors.
  16. Use a series of weighted pressure plates to solve a puzzle, each plate corresponding to a different numerical value, and the sum unlocking the next area.
  17. Restore power to a facility by repairing broken electrical circuits within a time limit.
  18. Navigate through a flooded area, deciphering underwater signs to find the correct path to safety.
  19. Solve a Sudoku puzzle to unlock a secret compartment containing valuable loot.
  20. Use a spectrograph to analyze the light spectrum emitted by a mysterious crystal, revealing a hidden message.
  1. I’m big, green, and mean, yet some still find me appealing. What am I? (Answer: Super Mutant)
  2. I’m round and fizzy, but not to be trifled with. What am I? (Answer: Nuka-Cola)
  3. I’m always in the shadows, lurking and waiting. Who am I? (Answer: Stealth Boy)
  4. I’m small but mighty, and I can make your day better in an instant. What am I? (Answer: Stimpack)
  5. I’m everywhere yet unseen, always watching, always listening. What am I? (Answer: Surveillance Camera)
  6. I’m metal and cold, yet people rely on me to protect them. What am I? (Answer: Power Armor)
  7. I’m old and tattered, yet hold secrets of the past. What am I? (Answer: Pre-War Book)
  8. I’m a source of life and energy, yet can also bring destruction. What am I? (Answer: Fusion Core)
  9. I’m fast, fierce, and roam the wasteland freely. What am I? (Answer: Deathclaw)
  10. I’m shiny and valuable, sought after by many. What am I? (Answer: Bottle Cap)
  11. I’m a silent guardian of the wasteland, always ready to lend a helping hand. What am I? (Answer: Protectron)
  12. I’m radioactive and glowing, yet some find me beautiful. What am I? (Answer: Radioactive Waste)
  13. I’m a place of safety and secrets, hidden beneath the ground. What am I? (Answer: Vault)
  14. I’m mechanical and intelligent, but some fear me as if I were alive. What am I? (Answer: Mr. Handy)
  15. I’m a relic of the past, preserved in time for future generations. What am I? (Answer: Holotape)
  16. I’m wild and untamed, yet some find beauty in my chaos. What am I? (Answer: Mutated Flora)
  17. I’m cold and desolate, yet hold treasures for those brave enough to explore. What am I? (Answer: Snow-Covered Ruins)
  18. I’m a symbol of hope and unity, standing tall against the dangers of the wasteland. What am I? (Answer: Brotherhood of Steel Flag)
  19. I’m a creature of myth and legend, feared by many yet rarely seen. What am I? (Answer: Wendigo)
  20. I’m a beacon of light in the darkness, guiding travelers to safety. What am I? (Answer: Campfire)

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