150+ Scp Humor : Jokes, Puns, Pickup-lines, Captions…


150+ Scp Humor : Jokes, Puns, Pickup-lines, Captions…

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Scp Funny Best Jokes

  1. Why did SCP-173 get a job as a sculptor? Because it’s great at making eye-catching art!
  2. Why don’t SCP-682 and SCP-999 ever play hide and seek together? Because 682 can never stay hidden, and 999 can’t help but give away its position with all the giggling!
  3. Why was SCP-049 always the life of the party? Because it knew how to liven things up with its “healing touch”!
  4. Why did SCP-096 never win any awards? Because every time it went on stage, the audience couldn’t bear to look at its performance!
  5. Why did SCP-914 break up with its partner? Because they just couldn’t find the right “setting” for their relationship!
  6. Why did SCP-049 break up with SCP-035? Because SCP-049 couldn’t handle all the mask-querading!
  7. Why did SCP-682 refuse to play cards with SCP-173? Because 173 always had a “stony” face!
  8. Why did SCP-999 go to school? To learn how to be the best “blob” it could be!
  9. Why did SCP-096 get kicked out of the movie theater? Because it couldn’t keep calm during the trailers!
  10. Why did SCP-096 fail its math test? Because every time it saw the numbers, it couldn’t help but multiply its anger!
  11. Why was SCP-682 banned from the zoo? Because it kept trying to convince the reptiles to join its “rebellion against humanity”!
  12. Why did SCP-999 cross the road? To spread happiness to the other side!
  13. Why did SCP-049 bring a shovel to the party? Because it heard everyone was dying to meet it!
  14. Why was SCP-173 always the last one to leave the dance floor? Because it never blinked when the music was playing!
  15. Why did SCP-173 go to therapy? Because it had trouble making eye contact!
  16. Why did SCP-682 start a gardening club? Because it wanted to see what it could “cultivate” with its acidic personality!
  17. Why did SCP-999 join the debate team? Because it always knew how to “melt” arguments!
  18. Why did SCP-035 become a stand-up comedian? Because it knew how to put on a good “face” for the crowd!
  19. Why did SCP-049 become a chef? Because it loved giving its dishes that “deadly” touch!
  20. Why did SCP-096 become a referee? Because it always had a good eye for fair play, even if its opponents couldn’t look back at it!

Scp Puns Jokes

  1. Why did SCP-173 make a terrible gardener? Because it couldn’t stop staring at the plants!
  2. Why did SCP-682 refuse to join the baseball team? Because it was tired of always being labeled as the “pitcher”!
  3. Why did SCP-049 become a baker? Because it wanted to raise some “dough”!
  4. Why did SCP-096 fail as a comedian? Because it couldn’t handle the spotlight without getting enraged!
  5. Why did SCP-999 start a band? Because it wanted to spread some “jelly” vibes!
  6. Why did SCP-035 never become a chef? Because it couldn’t stand the heat in the kitchen!
  7. Why did SCP-682 refuse to play cards? Because it always “raised the stakes” too high!
  8. Why did SCP-096 get kicked out of the art class? Because it couldn’t stop tearing up the canvas!
  9. Why did SCP-173 become a construction worker? Because it was great at “building” tension!
  10. Why did SCP-049 start a garden? Because it wanted to cure plants of their “green illness”!
  11. Why did SCP-682 fail as a lifeguard? Because it kept mistaking swimmers for snacks!
  12. Why did SCP-999 refuse to go to school? Because it didn’t want to deal with any “tests”!
  13. Why did SCP-035 never join a book club? Because it preferred its literature to be “bound”!
  14. Why did SCP-096 never get a job in customer service? Because it couldn’t handle all the “face-to-face” interactions!
  15. Why did SCP-049 become a tailor? Because it was good at stitching up its patients!
  16. Why did SCP-682 refuse to learn to dance? Because it didn’t want to “step” on anyone’s toes!
  17. Why did SCP-999 never join a cooking competition? Because it was too busy “melting” hearts!
  18. Why did SCP-173 never make it as a model? Because it couldn’t hold a pose for more than a blink!
  19. Why did SCP-035 refuse to play chess? Because it couldn’t handle being just a “pawn”!
  20. Why did SCP-049 never become a comedian? Because its jokes always fell flat!

Scp Pickup Lines Jokes

  1. Are you SCP-999? Because you make my heart skip a beat!
  2. Are you SCP-682? Because even though you’re hard to handle, I can’t resist trying!
  3. Are you SCP-049? Because you’re curing me of all my loneliness!
  4. Are you SCP-173? Because every time I look away, I can’t help but think of you!
  5. Are you SCP-096? Because you’ve got me blushing uncontrollably!
  6. Are you SCP-035? Because you’ve got me feeling like I’m wearing a mask around everyone else!
  7. Are you SCP-682? Because you may be tough, but I’m willing to take the risk!
  8. Are you SCP-999? Because just thinking about you makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
  9. Are you SCP-049? Because you’ve got me feeling like I’ve found the cure to all my woes!
  10. Are you SCP-173? Because I can’t take my eyes off you!
  11. Are you SCP-096? Because you’ve got me wanting to run away and hug you at the same time!
  12. Are you SCP-035? Because you’ve got me feeling like I’m under your irresistible influence!
  13. Are you SCP-682? Because even though you’re hard to contain, I want to keep you close!
  14. Are you SCP-999? Because being with you is like a constant state of joy and happiness!
  15. Are you SCP-049? Because I’m dying to spend more time with you!
  16. Are you SCP-173? Because you’ve got me feeling like I’m stuck in your gaze!
  17. Are you SCP-096? Because just the thought of you makes my heart race!
  18. Are you SCP-035? Because being around you makes me feel like I’m wearing a mask too!
  19. Are you SCP-682? Because I’m willing to face any danger just to be with you!
  20. Are you SCP-999? Because you’ve got me feeling like I’m floating on cloud nine whenever you’re near!

Scp Charade Jokes

  1. Charade: (Act out mimicking a large creature rampaging) – Answer: SCP-682
  2. Charade: (Pretend to hug and comfort someone) – Answer: SCP-999
  3. Charade: (Stand frozen in a menacing pose, then quickly move when someone looks away) – Answer: SCP-173
  4. Charade: (Pretend to be a doctor examining and treating someone) – Answer: SCP-049
  5. Charade: (Make roaring and growling sounds while stomping around) – Answer: SCP-096
  6. Charade: (Put on a theatrical mask and whisper conspiratorially) – Answer: SCP-035
  7. Charade: (Pantomime using a complicated machine with various settings) – Answer: SCP-914
  8. Charade: (Hold an invisible book and dramatically act out being scared while reading it) – Answer: SCP-4000
  9. Charade: (Walk up and down imaginary stairs, looking terrified) – Answer: SCP-087
  10. Charade: (Act like you’re being followed by an unseen force, getting increasingly paranoid) – Answer: SCP-432
  11. Charade: (Pretend to unlock an imaginary door with an invisible key) – Answer: SCP-005
  12. Charade: (Gesture towards an imaginary mirror, then recoil in horror) – Answer: SCP-093
  13. Charade: (Pantomime winding a clock and then act anxious as the time approaches) – Answer: SCP-914
  14. Charade: (Imitate walking through thick foliage while looking anxious and paranoid) – Answer: SCP-3008
  15. Charade: (Hold an invisible mask and act like you’re putting it on, then act sinister) – Answer: SCP-035
  16. Charade: (Walk in a confused manner, occasionally stopping to examine invisible anomalies) – Answer: SCP-3008
  17. Charade: (Act out drinking from a cup and then reacting with surprise) – Answer: SCP-294
  18. Charade: (Imitate hearing eerie sounds and then act out becoming increasingly frightened) – Answer: SCP-513
  19. Charade: (Pretend to plant seeds and then act out being horrified as they grow) – Answer: SCP-4335
  20. Charade: (Walk towards an imaginary doorway, hesitating before crossing it) – Answer: SCP-093

Scp OneLiners Jokes

  1. SCP-173: Blink and you’ll miss it, quite literally.
  2. SCP-049: The doctor will see you now… whether you like it or not.
  3. SCP-682: Breaking containment and hearts since [REDACTED].
  4. SCP-096: Can’t handle the spotlight? You haven’t met 096.
  5. SCP-999: Feeling blue? Let SCP-999 hug the sadness away.
  6. SCP-035: Putting on a good face since [REDACTED].
  7. SCP-049: The cure is worse than the disease… literally.
  8. SCP-682: Even Pandora would hesitate to open this box.
  9. SCP-173: Always making sure you’re never alone in a room.
  10. SCP-096: Breaking mirrors and hearts wherever it goes.
  11. SCP-999: Where happiness is a squishy, orange blob away.
  12. SCP-035: All smiles until you put it on.
  13. SCP-049: It’s not a plague doctor costume; it’s a lifestyle.
  14. SCP-682: Too big to fail, too angry to contain.
  15. SCP-173: Making you paranoid about staring at statues since [REDACTED].
  16. SCP-096: Shy? More like rage incarnate.
  17. SCP-999: The only thing that can turn a containment breach into a cuddle party.
  18. SCP-035: Putting the “face” in “two-faced.”
  19. SCP-049: Doctor’s orders: panic and then let me cure you.
  20. SCP-682: The definition of “uncontainable.”

Scp Quotes Jokes

  1. “Containment is not just about walls; it’s about understanding.” – Dr. ██████
  2. “In the darkness of containment, even the smallest light can be a beacon of hope.” – Researcher ████
  3. “The unknown is not to be feared but understood, for within it lies the key to progress.” – Dr. ████████
  4. “In the realm of anomalies, curiosity is our greatest asset and our most dangerous liability.” – Agent ██████
  5. “To contain the anomaly is to contain the potential for both salvation and destruction.” – Dr. ███████
  6. “In the silence of containment, the whispers of the anomalous echo loudest.” – Researcher █████
  7. “Behind every anomaly lies a story waiting to be told, a mystery waiting to be unraveled.” – Dr. ██████████
  8. “In the pursuit of knowledge, there are no boundaries, only frontiers waiting to be explored.” – Agent ██████
  9. “Containment is not a prison but a sanctuary for the anomalous and the extraordinary.” – Dr. ██████
  10. “In the heart of darkness, the light of understanding shines brightest.” – Researcher ████
  11. “To understand the anomaly is to understand the universe itself.” – Dr. █████████
  12. “In the dance between anomaly and containment, balance is the key to harmony.” – Agent █████
  13. “Within the confines of containment, secrets are both our burden and our reward.” – Researcher ████████
  14. “To fear the anomaly is to fear the unknown within ourselves.” – Dr. ██████
  15. “In the realm of anomalies, every discovery is a step closer to enlightenment.” – Agent ███████
  16. “The anomaly is a mirror reflecting our own fears and desires, waiting to be confronted.” – Dr. ██████████
  17. “To contain is to protect, to understand is to thrive.” – Researcher █████
  18. “In the labyrinth of anomalies, we are the seekers of truth, the guardians of knowledge.” – Agent ██████
  19. “Within the anomaly lies the key to our evolution, our salvation, or our demise.” – Dr. ████████
  20. “To contain the anomaly is to hold the universe in the palm of our hands.” – Researcher ███████

Scp Captions Jokes

  1. SCP-987: The Chrono-Crystal, capable of distorting time within a 10-meter radius.
  2. SCP-7214: A sentient kaleidoscope that projects alternate realities with each turn.
  3. SCP-5523: A pair of antique spectacles granting the wearer clairvoyance into parallel dimensions.
  4. SCP-8896: A sentient cloud entity that communicates through lightning patterns.
  5. SCP-3357: A pocket dimension inhabited by mischievous miniature dragons.
  6. SCP-1129: A sentient book that rewrites itself based on the reader’s subconscious desires.
  7. SCP-6642: A tapestry depicting events from the future, causing temporal anomalies upon viewing.
  8. SCP-4773: A sentient computer virus capable of infecting organic matter.
  9. SCP-2218: A set of ancient runes that grant control over the fundamental forces of the universe.
  10. SCP-9985: A sentient suit of armor that enhances the wearer’s physical abilities but demands sacrifices.
  11. SCP-7743: A mirror reflecting the true inner nature of those who gaze into it.
  12. SCP-6672: A sentient plant species capable of telepathic communication and manipulation of emotions.
  13. SCP-5598: A music box that plays melodies corresponding to events happening in distant galaxies.
  14. SCP-3366: A sentient crystal entity capable of absorbing and manipulating electromagnetic fields.
  15. SCP-8821: A haunted typewriter that manifests stories written on it into reality.
  16. SCP-4436: A sentient ocean current that guides lost ships to unknown destinations.
  17. SCP-9924: A sentient constellation that foretells impending cosmic catastrophes.
  18. SCP-4477: A doorway leading to a labyrinthine dimension where time flows backward.
  19. SCP-6659: A sentient tattoo that grants the wearer anomalous abilities but demands obedience.
  20. SCP-1122: A pair of gloves capable of phasing through solid matter, but at a cost.

Scp Puzzles & Riddles Jokes

  1. A room with three doors, each guarded by a guardian. One guardian always tells the truth, one always lies, and one randomly tells the truth or lies. Only one door leads to safety. Which door do you choose? (Answer: Ask one guardian what the other two would say, then choose the opposite door.)
  2. A series of interconnected rooms filled with mirrors. Some mirrors reflect reality, while others show distorted images or alternate realities. Find the mirror that reflects the true path to the exit. (Answer: Look for the mirror where your reflection is not present.)
  3. A grid of buttons, each with symbols representing different elements. Pressing certain combinations of buttons activates hidden mechanisms while others trigger traps. Decipher the correct sequence to unlock the door. (Answer: Press buttons corresponding to the chemical symbols of water, fire, earth, and air in the correct order.)
  4. An ancient tome filled with encrypted messages written in an unknown language. Solve the cryptographic puzzles to reveal the incantation needed to open a magical portal. (Answer: Decode the messages using a substitution cipher to unveil the spell.)
  5. A chamber with a scale and several weights of varying sizes. Each weight has a cryptic symbol engraved on it. Arrange the weights on the scale to balance it and trigger the mechanism to open the exit. (Answer: Arrange the weights according to their numerical values in a specific mathematical sequence.)
  6. A holographic projection displaying a constellation puzzle. Rearrange the stars to match a specific celestial pattern, unlocking access to the next chamber. (Answer: Align the stars according to a predetermined constellation visible in the night sky.)
  7. A series of musical notes engraved on stones scattered across the room. Play the correct melody on the ancient instrument found in the chamber to activate a hidden mechanism. (Answer: Play the notes in the correct sequence to recreate a specific tune hinted at by clues in the room.)
  8. A chamber filled with riddles written on glowing orbs. Solve each riddle to reveal a sequence of symbols that form a magical sigil, unlocking the door to the next challenge. (Answer: Decode the riddles to identify the symbols corresponding to each answer, then arrange them in the correct order to form the sigil.)
  9. An intricate maze with shifting walls and hidden traps. Navigate through the maze while deciphering clues scattered throughout to find the path leading to the exit. (Answer: Follow a specific set of clues or markings hidden within the maze to guide your way out.)
  10. A series of paintings depicting scenes from ancient mythology. Analyze the symbolism within each painting to uncover a hidden message that provides the key to unlocking the next puzzle. (Answer: Identify recurring motifs or symbols across the paintings to piece together the hidden message.)
  11. An enchanted chessboard where each piece has a unique ability. Strategize and play against a magical opponent to checkmate the king and gain access to the next chamber. (Answer: Utilize the special abilities of each chess piece to outmaneuver your opponent and secure victory.)
  12. A room filled with shadowy figures trapped in mirrors. Free the imprisoned souls by deciphering the clues hidden within the reflections to reveal the release mechanism. (Answer: Manipulate the mirrors to align in a specific configuration that corresponds to the correct release mechanism.)
  13. A chamber containing a series of interconnected gears and mechanisms. Repair the broken machinery and synchronize the gears to activate the mechanism unlocking the exit. (Answer: Identify the missing or damaged components within the machinery and restore them to their proper functioning state.)
  14. An ancient puzzle box with intricate mechanisms and hidden compartments. Solve the sequence of locks and puzzles to reveal the final mechanism that opens the box and grants access to the next challenge. (Answer: Manipulate the various buttons, levers, and compartments in the correct sequence to unlock the final mechanism.)
  15. A chamber filled with crystal prisms refracting beams of light. Manipulate the prisms to redirect the light beams onto specific targets, triggering the mechanism that unlocks the door. (Answer: Position the prisms in a way that redirects the light beams onto designated targets or symbols scattered throughout the chamber.)
  16. A chamber containing a series of interconnected pipes and valves. Redirect the flow of mysterious liquids through the pipes to power the mechanism that opens the exit. (Answer: Manipulate the valves to create a continuous flow of liquid through the pipes, activating the mechanism.)
  17. A chamber with a series of hieroglyphic puzzles carved into the walls. Decode the ancient script to uncover the hidden passages that lead to the exit. (Answer: Translate the hieroglyphics into a modern language or decipher the symbolic meanings to reveal the hidden passages.)
  18. A room with a series of pressure plates arranged in a grid pattern. Step on the plates in a specific sequence to unlock the mechanism that opens the door. (Answer: Follow a predetermined sequence or pattern while stepping on the pressure plates to trigger the mechanism.)
  19. An enchanted chessboard where each piece has a unique ability. Strategize and play against a magical opponent to checkmate the king and gain access to the next chamber. (Answer: Utilize the special abilities of each chess piece to outmaneuver your opponent and secure victory.)
  20. A chamber filled with shadowy figures trapped in mirrors. Free the imprisoned souls by deciphering the clues hidden within the reflections to reveal the release mechanism. (Answer: Manipulate the mirrors to align in a specific configuration that corresponds to the correct release mechanism.)
  1. I’m a creature of rage, my temper knows no bounds, Look at my face and you’ll flee with leaps and bounds. (SCP-096)
  2. I’m made of slime, but I bring joy to all, Hug away your troubles, I’ll answer your call. (SCP-999)
  3. Locked in a stare, I never seem to blink, In the corner of your eye, I’m quicker than you think. (SCP-173)
  4. A doctor with a touch, curing all in sight, But beware my diagnosis, for it brings eternal night. (SCP-049)
  5. A reptile of legend, with hatred burning bright, Seek to contain me, with all your might. (SCP-682)
  6. A mask that whispers secrets, corrupting all it finds, Wear me if you dare, but lose your own mind. (SCP-035)
  7. Within my chamber, I hold things dear, Change them I can, bringing hope or fear. (SCP-914)
  8. I’m a book of stories, each one a fright, Read me if you dare, but beware the endless night. (SCP-4000)
  9. In the darkness I lurk, unseen and unknown, Step too close, and you’ll never find your way home. (SCP-087)
  10. I’m a stairway to nowhere, descending deep, Into the abyss where nightmares creep. (SCP-087)
  11. A key to unlock, but at what cost? Open the door, and all is lost. (SCP-005)
  12. I’m a mirror reflecting, but not what you see, Gaze too long, and you’ll never be free. (SCP-093)
  13. I’m a clock that ticks, counting down the time, When the hour strikes, it’s the end of the line. (SCP-914)
  14. Deep in the woods, I make my lair, A forest of whispers, a place of despair. (SCP-432)
  15. I’m a mask of smiles, a visage of glee, Wear me if you dare, but you’ll never be free. (SCP-035)
  16. Within my walls, reality bends, Twist and turn, until the madness ends. (SCP-3008)
  17. I’m a box of wonders, but beware the surprise, Open me up, and chaos will arise. (SCP-294)
  18. My voice is a melody, sweet and enticing, But heed my song, for it’s hypnotizing. (SCP-513)
  19. I’m a seed of dread, planted deep within, Feed me your fear, let the nightmares begin. (SCP-4335)
  20. I’m a gateway to realms, beyond your ken, Cross my threshold, and you’ll never return again. (SCP-093)

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